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Drop Off Zone Agreements

Drop off zone agreements and placards are available in the office. Parents ONLY need to fill out a new application if their information has changed or if you are a new applicant.  


Traffic Update

The roads around our school are often busiest during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up and can be especially chaotic during the first week of school as everyone adjusts to a new routine.
To reduce the traffic safety concerns and traffic congestion in front of our school, we ask parents to encourage their children to walk or bike to school on a regular basis.

 Here are some tips, from the City of Edmonton website, for organizing safe and fun ways to walk to school in your community:

Map Safe Routes to School

Get students to mark their designated route to school on a neighbourhood map.

 Assign Walking Buddies

Peers in the same neighbourhood arrange to walk to school together. Older students can partner with younger students, to model and promote safety.

 Organize a Walking School Bus

Young students can walk to school in a group along a designated route under the supervision of an adult volunteer.

 If parents choose to drop off students, we ask that they use one of several drop off areas near our school.  These include: 

  • The south side of 162 avenue
  • The west side of 55 street
  • The east side of 54B street
  • The corner of 54 street and 159 avenue (by the Hollick-Kenyon Park sign - students would walk across the school field)

 The drop off zone in front of the school will still be available but we ask parents to use this only as a last resort.  This will reduce the traffic congestion at the front of our school and also decrease safety concerns.  

When dropping off students for school or picking them up at the end of the day, parents are asked to obey the parking and bus zone signs.  If using the student drop off zone in front of the school, parents are asked to follow the directions of school staff and/or parent traffic volunteers and to move along quickly so as to free up the area for other parents and students. NO PARKING is allowed in the school’s drop off zone. Student safety is enhanced when patience is exercised and proper practices are followed.

Parents are not allowed to use the staff parking lot when dropping off students.


Parking Update

Limited visitor parking is available along the north side of the school building.  Visitors to the school may also park on one of the side streets.