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Instructional Focus

"Preparing Students for a Future We Cannot See"

At Dr. Donald Massey we are committed to providing every student with an educational experience in which they will grow as a learner.  At Dr. Donald Massey, the following are central to the work we do with students:

Cross-Curricular Competencies

Teachers understand and create connections between the Alberta Program of Studies, the new Cross-Curricular Competencies and the province wide goal for students to be Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Based on the Cross-curricular Competencies, students will:

- Think critically
- Identify and solve complex problems
- Manage information
- Innovate
- Create opportunities
- Apply multiple literacies
- Demonstrate global and cultural understanding
- Demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others
- Identify and apply career and life skills
- Know how to learn

Career Pathways & Career Technology Foundations (CTF)

Edmonton Public Schools is in the initial stages of developing a Career Pathways concept model for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 which "fosters growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.  It is about building awareness, understanding and committment to a pathway that helps students find a career that gives them dignity and fulfillment in life." (EPSB)

At DDM, students in Grade 5-9 will be engaged in numerous CTF workshops throughout the school year.  The CTF learning journey offers students an opportunity to engage with one or more of the five occupational clusters: Business, Communication, Human Services, Resources and Technology.

"CTF encourages an engaging and holistic learning process that results in the development of a product, performance or service.  CTF can integrate other program outcomes by identifying cross-curricular connections as well as literacy and numeracy skills.  CTF creates an enviroment where students can explore interests and passions while developing skills and competencies and making connections to career possibilities by exploring CTF occupational areas." (Alberta Education)