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  • Registration


    Would you like to learn more about our school?

    We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Give us a call  at 780-457-5435.  

     We will be hosting school information sessions & tours at the following times:

    Tuesday, March 1 - 9:30-10:30
    Tuesday, March 1 - 1:30-230 pm
    Wednesday, March 2- 9:30-10:30
     Please RSVP by clicking here.

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    General Registration Information

    We accept students who live in our attendance area which is the Matt Berry and Hollick-Kenyon neighbourhoods.   We require 3 pieces of ID showing an address in our attendance area prior to accepting registrations.  

    The Brintnell neighbourhood has Dr. Donald Massey School as their secondary designated school.  This means that we can accept students from the Brintnell neighbourhood only if we have available space. Britnell families are welcome to register at our school but need to be aware that we may not be able to accommodate them as we first fill our available spots with students from our primary designated neighbourhoods.

    Students living in the Brintnell neighbourhood will be welcomed at their primary designated school: Delwood (K-6) or Balwin (7-9) or at any district school with open boundaries and available space.

    Students that have older siblings already attending DDM may register after February 2, but before April 15, 2016.  We will only be able to accept registrations from students who have moved into our neighbourhood after April 16, 2016.  3 pieces of ID showing an address in our primary attendance area will be required.

    If you are interested in being part of our school and live within our attendance area please contact us.

    If you would like to find out more about registering your child with Edmonton Public Schools please visit us at www.epsb.ca


    Kindergarten Registration

    • Registrations for kindergarten will be accepted starting February 2, 2016 for children who were born on or before March 1, 2012.
    • Registration forms are available in the school office.
    • Please bring your child’s birth certificate and proof of address.
    • If your child was not immunized in Edmonton, please bring their records.
    We are not accepting students from outside our attendance area.

    Please visit the following website for more information about registering a child with EPSB:  http://epsb.ca/schools/register/ 

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    The staff at Dr. Donald Massey are committed to providing the absolute best educational experience for each student who walks through our doors.  We also understand that learning doesn't stop at our front door, and are proud to provide supports to the families of our students.  It is our goal to become a focal point for the community, and to work with our neighbours and community partners to create a sense of family, collaboration and support for everyone who enters our building.

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  • Eva Olsson - A legacy of caring, compassion and character

    Eva Olsson - A legacy of caring, compassion and character

    This FREE event is presented by the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association (GETCA) in partnership with Edmonton Catholic Schools and Edmonton Public Schools.  

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Welcome to Dr. Donald Massey School!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Dr. Donald Massey School!  We look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure the success of your children and our students.


Would you like to learn more about our school?

We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Give us a call  at 780-457-5435.  

 We will be hosting school information sessions & tours at the following times:

Tuesday, March 1 - 9:30-10:30

Tuesday, March 1 - 1:30-230 pm

Wednesday, March 2- 9:30-10:30

 Please RSVP by clicking here.

 For more information about Registration, please click on 'For Parents' and then 'Registration'.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up/Parking

To reduce the traffic safety concerns and traffic congestion in front of our school, we ask parents to encourage their children to walk or bike to school on a regular basis.

If parents choose to drop off students, we ask that they use one of several drop off areas near

our school.  These include:

 The south side of 162 avenue

  • The west side of 55 street

  • The east side of 54B street

  • The corner of 54 street and 159 avenue (by the Hollick-Kenyon Park sign - students would walk across the school field)

Make arrangements to pick-up your child at the same location as drop-off.  

The drop off zone in front of the school will still be available but we ask parents to use this only as a last resort.  This will reduce the traffic congestion at the front of our school and also decrease safety concerns.  

When dropping off students for school or picking them up at the end of the day, parents are asked to obey the parking and bus zone signs.  If using the student drop off zone in front of the school, parents are asked to follow the directions of school staff and/or parent traffic volunteers and to move along quickly so as to free up the area for other parents and students. NO PARKING is allowed in the drop off zone. Student safety is enhanced when patience is exercised and proper practices are followed.

Parents are not allowed to use the staff parking lot when dropping off students.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Dr. Donald Massey School.

At Dr. Donald Massey School we believe that every student has the right to an excellent education and the responsibility to develop their talents and abilities while learning to live peacefully, protect the environment, and respect others.  Our learning environment is positive and caring and thus supports individual differences, allowing all students to take risks in pursuit of excellence.  We strive to build strong relationships between staff, students, families, and the community.

We continue to challenge students to be the best that they can be.   We help them to accept their own and others' strengths and challenges and celebrate each other’s successes.  We endeavor to help students to see mistakes not as failures, but as essential parts of the learning process.  We help students to become accountable for their conduct and the development of positive relationships with others as well as to assume their rightful responsibilities as learners.

At Dr. Donald Massey School we strive to be environmentally friendly. The structure of our building and practices that we use have been designed to Lead Silver standards.  Teachers and students have also put routines into place to ensure that we support our environment. With this goal in mind, to help cut down on paper use, please remember to check Schoolzone regularly.  Passwords are sent out at the beginning of each year so that all parents can access Schoolzone for each child in their family.  Throughout the school year we create opportunities for our families to participate in meetings, celebrations, after school activities and special days.  Parents and students will receive information about these events through Schoolzone.  It is very important that parents have current and valid email addresses on file with us in order to receive notice of postings relative to their children. SchoolZone also gives families access to school information, report cards, attendance information, and specific classroom news.  If you require assistance with Schoolzone, please contact our school office.

You will find a copy of our student and parent information guide on this website. We created it as a framework for working together as a school community and continue to revise it based on our needs and experiences. Our handbook contains much information related to our expectations, processes and procedures. We ask that all parents review this document with their child(ren) each year.

The relationship between home and school is essential in completing the circle of success for students.  We truly appreciate parents for the support of their sons and daughters and of Dr. Donald Massey School. We look forward to continue working together as we embark on each new school year.


Camille Loken, MEd


Dr. Donald Massey School