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Back to School Toolkit from Alberta Education

The Alberta Government has created a toolkit full of helpful tips and information for students, parents, and teachers.  There is important information on curriculum implementation, high school completion programs, digital citizenship, teaching resources and creating safe, warm and welcoming education environments.

For parents, there are many useful tips and resources to be involved partners in their child’s education. One easy-to-use item in the toolkit is: My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource, which breaks down curriculum by grade and subject level, providing details on what students should be learning and how they may be assessed. Parents will also find tips for helping with homework, resources for supporting healthy lifestyles and information on out-of-school care.

My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource

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Kindergarten                                   Grade 5

Grade 1                                            Grade 6

Grade 2                                            Grade 7

Grade 3                                            Grade 8

Grade 4                                             Grade 9


Supply List Notice

The following are the supplies required for each grade at Dr. Donald Massey School for 2017-2018. Staples School Tools will be taking orders for pre-packaged school supplies for the coming school year. You can also purchase the supplies from many stores all over Edmonton.

Please click the Staples School Tools Information letter below for the instructions on how to place your order. 

Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018‌ 

Grade 1 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 2 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 3 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 4 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 5 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 6 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 7 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 8 Supply List 2017-2018

Grade 9 Supply List 2017-2018